• Is lead generation a challenge for you?
  • Does your sales team open up enough enterprise level opportunities for your product or service, or do they wait for your marketing team to produce qualified leads?

If your cold calling process is not able to manage your expectations, then we have the perfect solution for you; a solution where you pay by the meeting, for the meeting - only for qualified meetings and you get to determine the definition of a qualified lead!

We want to partner with your organization to do just that…to boost your sales cycle and have a positive surge in your ROI.

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For Suppliers

  • No specific demarcation between different competencies of pre-sales and sales
  • Reduced outreach, higher cost of customer acquisition
  • Time taken to pivot to execute change in business plans and strategies is high
  • Traditional sales cycles; slower and lower ROIs
  • Too much time spent on transactional activities, database building, cold-calling, documentation, collaterals, etc.
  • The age-old benefits of outsourcing – recruitment, performance management, operations, management bandwidth, overhead costs – all leading to reduced ROI

For Markets

  • Spending a lot of time in searching for the perfect product/service
  • Get generic pitches from suppliers that do not solve specific pain points
  • Not necessarily aware of what they don’t have or the exposure to available solutions
  • Information channels are not the same for all markets
  • Compromise on time and cost and end up with sub-standard products and services
  • Unhappy with current vendors and looking to change, however do not have an outreach mechanism to evaluate multiple service providers

Creating demand and accurately marrying supply and demand

Intensive logic-based approach to building data that is relevant

Asking the right questions both, to the client and their target markets

Identifying pain areas, creating a solve, having qualified conversations with industry leaders and gathering deep intel

Having focused and relevant outcomes for both, the suppliers and their target markets

A consultative approach and partnering through the entire sales cycle

Leave the hunting, profiling, prospecting and documentation to us… You just go and Sell!

C-Suite access

We open tough doors and get you on the more difficult, yet earnestly wanted tables

Strategic Exec-level appointments

Get you to speak with the right person from the right industry; people who matter to you

Elite (B-A-N-T) engagements

Meet only with high-potential and hot opportunities

Inside Sales Consulting

We could set up your own Inside Sales function on a Build-Operate-Transfer model

Total Sales Cycle Ownership

From profiling and prospecting to closing deals - end-to-end sales

Data Intelligence

Findings and inferences on markets that help you understand patterns and make the right decisions

The Team’s Aggregate Credentials

5 Decades

of cumulative experience


meetings delivered


opportunities created


pipeline value

Have led organizations to more than 200% increase in top-line revenue
– in less than 2 years.
Have taken organizations from boot-strapped to Series B funding
– in less than a year

Our vision

Be global leaders in sales enablement and lead generation by being catalysts in creating continuous value and growth for our Customers and in the process become the most trusted and preferred ally to Organizations worldwide.

Our Mission

Amalgamate data, science and emotional intelligence to reach accurate markets faster in order to create value-driven pipelines for our Customers and accelerate their returns. Build a Company that has its people at the forefront, who in turn inspire our customers’ aspirations and execute them…at pace, and peerlessly.

Our Values


At the centre of everything, the crux of our principles, our people who are happy doing work in a home away from home, constantly energising everyone around and being aces in self-governance.

Loads of laughs and smiles, contentment, free minds, engaged minds, a place where you can truly feel the meaning of freedom of expression, creativity and innovation.


There is no magic individual; we are an entity and we are only as good as the whole team put together; the team consists of us, our clients, their customers, our partners, our investors, our vendors and everyone who comes on-board to experience this wonderful journey.

Magic happens only when we are all in it together – individual brilliance just fuels it.


Being 100% accountable towards each other, to our clients and to their customers.

Everyone’s success is relevant, dependent and impactful – this is ingrained into our DNA; we live this every day.


  • An environment that fosters high-fives and smiles
  • An environment that rewards you richly
  • Feel an immense sense of satisfaction while being the best in what you do,
  • Let’s build a career, experience a wonderful journey and have a fascinating life together@prospeks.com


  • We have peers in what we do, but none in the way we do it
  • Our people, our processes and our governance is what differentiates us. Partner with us; your markets will look different
  • How we treat you will give you a sense of how we will treat your customers
  • collaborate@prospeks.com and experience the surge in your ROI

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